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Sing into my mouth 

Solo exhibition at Heerz Tooya, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, 2022

Text: Lars Nordby

Text by Lars Nordby

Numb cottagecore superimposed by slithering and intermittent abstractions. At first glimpse, Terins's paintings seem to have frizzled through a geometric equalizer. Then, at a second glance, realize the dialectics of the organic, structural, floating, delicate, and strict patterns do not follow mechanical rendering of familiar forms. Terins merge the phantasmagorical with the corporeal, unveiling a phoenix of pandemonial beauty. Combining field documentation of intricate moments during her stay in the Bulgarian countryside with a prior trained eye for detailed habitat, the exhibition Sing into my mouth unfolds an attitude of painting, stratified as the starting point of aesthetical experience. Segueing the gravitas of painting to the point of arioso. Thus, painting allows its creator and spectator to weave the fabric of reality as an act of imagination.


The exhibition title Sing into my mouth is a line from the song This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody), in which the Talking Heads also used found-object percussions with a wine bottle, ashtrays, a cocktail shaker, a candleholder, and a milk jug, accompanying the lyrical sentiment of ambiguity and fragmented loss of sensation. Gagging on the reverberations of someone singing into one's mouth analogically spurs the question of dictation. Derived from meaning and objecthood emerges the infinite potential of interpretation and momentum. A self-inflicted gagball meant for something else.

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